Pokepo Quest

An online decentralized “Play to Earn” game that will form a well-balanced ecosystem that includes its in-game currency - $POKEPO Time to re-live the past!


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The Story

The market for web3 and crypto gaming is still in its early stages and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. A recent report from DappRadar estimated that the web3 gaming market will reach $1 billion by 2025. Several high-profile companies, such as Ubisoft and Atari, have also announced plans to Enter the web3 and crypto gaming space, indicating further mainstream acceptance of the technology.


Pokepo Quest

Pokepo Quest is a unique open-world, Web3 focused game with its in-game currency called $POKEPO.

By using $POKEPO, players will be able to "catch" different types of digital creatures, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities.

Players will be able to battle their creatures against other players, with the winner taking a portion of the losing player's in-game currency.

Pokepo Quest will also include different challenges, puzzles, and hidden treasures.

Additionally, the game will include a marketplace where players could buy, sell and trade their creatures and in-game NFTs with other players.

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NFTs in Gaming

There’s a reason why NFT and video games are a match made in heaven. The possibilities are endless for how NFTs can be used in the gaming world to allow for the ownership and transferability of digital assets.

Free-to-play games that sell character “Skins” had long disrupted the gaming industry when gamers started to willingly spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on mere aesthetic improvements which have nothing to do with gameplay advancements. Today, these so-called “Skins” can be digital art for video games, and NFTs could allow digital artists to benefit from it by selling such designs and claiming ownership of and authenticating their skins.

With in-game NFTs, players could own and control what they buy, earn, or craft. Rare items could be purchased and sold on secondary markets and moved between different games, allowing players to retain their items’ value regardless of changing games.

Players of the Pokepo Quest will have the option to buy NFTs for the game, that will add additional boost to their little digital fighters.

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